Somewhere Over the Rainbow / Fire Island 1979
Looped Video and Audio Track, 2016
Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ Fire Island 1979 pairs found footage from a sunny afternoon on Fire Island, New York with heavily processed audio of Judy Garland's utopic appeal. From our present vantage point the specific location of the dancer, 1979 Fire Island, evokes a nostalgia inextricable from the AIDS crisis to come. The frame focuses on the looped motion of a dancer on a board walk. The repetition of the short clip produces a slippage of meaning, illuminating the queerness of  gesture in the dancer’s movement. The more the motion is repeated the more it detaches from its origin – a simple twirl, and enters a multi-resonant space. This resonance produces queer spectre: queerness emerges in a kind of spectral aura around the dancer, so that we read, not only the body as signifying queered social behaviour, but also the gesture itself as queered.

For the Lucky and the Strong
Video, 2009
For the Lucky and the Strong is a choral arrangement of nine different women singing the classic love song, The Rose.
Here We Are
Video, 2007